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Enjoy Every Season of Your Life

Peaks and Valleys, ups and downs, those are facts of life.

But I am realizing that how I handle the mountain top (peak) is just as important as how I handle the valley.

So check this out, the other day I had the bomb “Start it Up” business course, and I poured into my wonderful attendees. I gave it my all. I gave them my all. But a few days afterwards, I was met with some opposition. I felt sadness, sheer exhaustion, fatigue--you get it.

I had to make some decisions on how to handle these feelings. And then I realized, these feels come after a great victory and is all a part of the journey. I poured into the lives of others and now I needed to pour into myself and take care of me. I needed to give myself some self care.

So this is how I took care of myself: I prayed, spent time with God to receive restoration, washed my hair (that’s a whole ordeal), sat under the hair dryer, napped, tinted and waxed my brows, took another nap, washed clothes, and tidied up my house. And I even put some food in the oven (all before my husband came home from work).

Why am I telling you this?

Because that was what I needed to do to take care of me. That’s what occurred for me after a great victory. Oh and I even felt some feelings of defeat (just like the enemy).

I couldn’t get to where I am today without experiencing and going through what I went through on yesterday.

Enjoy EVERY season of your life, not just the mountaintops but even the valleys. There’s lessons to be learned in every season!

By the way, my shirt says: be mindful, be centered, be grateful.

I'm grateful for the journey. What are you grateful for?


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